A yoghurt Orient fairy tale

The new frozen yoghurt retail offering.

Throughout history, Turks have made use of any ingredient to produce tasty and delicious dishes including desserts. The word yogurt is derived from Turkish yoğ urt and is related to the verb yo ğ urmak: “to be curdled or coagulated”; to thiken. So ABOVE and greek food giant Vivartia decided to create a delicious & tasty frozen yogurt with a unique & sweet taste of Orient: Yoğmak! A new retail chain offering more than classic frozen yoghurt.

• Oriental and exotic add-ons (turkish sweets) to main product offering (frozen yoghurt flavors such as mint, apple cinammon, mastiha and chocolate mint)
• Delicious Turkish Coffee made on location
• Take away products (sold under the Yogmak brand – own packaging) Turkish Delight, Halva, various jellies, biscuits coffee