Making Life Better!

Working with Nova to improve lives through entertainment!

Nova is Greece’s biggest entertainment company. It’s always changing, always inventing and always striving for better.In the face of big traditional competition, disruptive new entrants and an insatiable desire for growth, our job is to keep Nova ahead of the game and position them as entertainment leaders. With the leadership team we’ve created a powerful purpose and unique values to drive growth and influence the brand experience and culture at every touch point. We work with teams across their entire business to bring the brand to life, using design, technology and innovation. Our work is broad, deep and utterly integrated, driving coherent actions and experiences in brand identity, product development, broadcast design, communications, customer service and culture.

Consulting Services
• Product development and design systems that emphasize customer experience, such as the new “Nova GO” online service and “Nova on Demand” video on demand service.
• Customer strategy & Marketing

• Pricing Strategy for Nova entertainment packs (start pack, cinema pack, sports pack & full pack) as well as Nova3Play add-ons.
• Loyalty programs (CRM)

Working together with Nova in all facets of their business, we’re continuing to create a brand experience that makes everyone’s life better through the power of entertainment.

Communication Services
• On - Air promotion for Novasports & Novacinema channels
• Corporate Communication
• Advertisting campaigns
• Customer publishing & Internal Communications
• Branded content

Brand Identity & Broadcast Design
• Brand Identity: Nova platform and channels (Novacinema & Novasports)
• Logo treatment / design
• Channel idents & brand design packages